YouTube is the most promising platform for creators or just audiences who love to watch videos on YouTube. As per YouTube statistics, business owners are coming up with innovative video ideas to maximize their business reach. It is like one-to-one communication with the mass through one single platform. Let’s discuss the benefits of using YouTube for business.  

1. Growth of YouTube Traffic

Over the years, YouTube has been growing tremendously. Every day almost four billion people watch videos. For business, if you use YouTube, then you can increase your reach effectively. You can either take the path of other people’s video advertisement or creating your video. As per statistics, YouTube is the second big search engine worldwide in the third position to visit the website. 

Almost in a global count, one billion people come to YouTube to watch relevant videos. The count is 100 hours of uploading time on this platform. From age group 18 to 34 watch videos mostly. People come to this platform to learn, educate, motivate and find solutions to problems. 

2. YouTube Marketing Helps You Find in Google As Well

In the Google search engine, the algorithm shows videos, books, news, images together. So there are chances that if people type a potential search keyword and your video is optimized with that keyword, you can quickly see yourself on the Google search engine page.

For Google, videos are also crucial as texts. You can write blogs and even post videos on the same topic on YouTube, which will ensure backlinks to the website, and people can find you on Google from both sources. 

  • You can ask other owners of the website to embed the video on their website. It will improve the search engine result, and the chances are that you will get a high volume of visibility. Google also gives preference to websites that write unique content and post them consistently. 
  • The website name should match the YouTube name. It creates a brand name, and people will recognize you with the name. Use the best YouTube video editor and edit the videos to create high-quality videos for YouTube. 
  • Then there is a point where you share the videos on social media platforms to get more views. People who are on your social media get to know about your business. 
  • Engagement in these videos is also essential to know precisely what your audience wants to watch. It helps you connect with your audiences and know their perspective towards the topic that you are sharing with them. 

3. Content Is Always Alive

If you use YouTube for the business, you can use it to repurpose the content, and there is no need to spend money on unnecessary high-end equipment. Already created content has great values, and you can use them for a great content marketing strategy. It helps you reach an audience who will love the content of their choice. 

You can use a single article post in the form of video, podcast, presentation, and infographics. So, from one content, you can create four types of content, and it helps you share them with the audience that looks for such type of content.

Thereby take this opportunity to understand that content is evergreen and it never dies. A minor tweak to old content can become a massive success in current times. It makes life easy, and you can use it for marketing purposes. 

4. Cost-Effective Approach

Many advertising agencies will provide you with marketing plans for business upscale. But that is not the case with YouTube promotion. It is a free platform, and you can use it as a promotional approach. You can upload any videos you want as per your market research.

YouTube itself runs ads on your video, so in a way, you are attracting visitors, turning them into customers, and even earning a good amount from YouTube as well. Any viewers can watch your videos, and you can even engage with them. 

5. Growth of Audience

YouTube business encourages you to grow your audiences. You can create many more doors for the visitors through your video content. It does not matter which language you speak; you can talk with countless audiences out there. Using the subtitle and caption option, you can talk with many people and make them a part of your community. 

6. Implement a Call to Action

Using a video maker for youtube, you can edit awesome videos but never forget to provide a call to action in your video. The audience who is watching your video actually will turn into customers. They even perform the word of mouth to tell others about your business. They promote the video as your business promotion, making the real customers for your business products.

7. Create an Email List with YouTube

You can use software that will help you connect with your viewer when they watch the video. The video play will stop in the middle, and a pop-up will come up for the audience to connect with the brand’s email list. In the future, this list will be helpful and make you effective to use. 

8. YouTube Connected with Adsense

Adsense is the revenue platform of Google. All Google products like a blog or YouTube payment system are done through an Adsense account. Once you create a YouTube profile and complete the payment threshold, you can create an Adsense account and connect with YouTube. Completing after every 100$, you receive payment from Google. It is yet another payment source for your YouTube career. 


At last, you can see there are so many benefits. These benefits are great enough for you to start your YouTube channel to speak your heart out. So, make sure you utilize this platform, create a channel, and establish a name for your brand. It is something that will give you success if you post a video with consistency. Remember, the audience who will watch your videos must return with some knowledge and solution to the problems.

Whether you’re primarily a YouTube content creator or someone who uses YouTube to promote their blog or business, marketing your channel properly is essential. With millions of YouTube channels available for viewing, standing out by the sheer quality of your content is often impossible. Based on HubSpot, YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of content daily, with the platform’s popularity being overshadowed only by Facebook in 2020.

Speaking of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media to boost your YouTube channel’s reach is a smart tactic, given their user bases. According to Hosting Tribunal, mobile devices make up more than 70% of YouTube views, with YouTube’s algorithm determining 70% of the content we eventually watch. With original content, promoting your channel on social media in 2021 can be a game-changer for your YouTube career – let’s discuss how to do it.


Reasons to Promote your YouTube Channel via Social Media

If you’re putting effort into creating engaging content for your YouTube channel, why go out of your way to also promote it on social media? According to Smart Insights, 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media, with 98.8% of users accessing them via mobile devices. Building viewer loyalty with your videos is about more than just creating YouTube videos and hoping that the algorithm picks them up.

Utilizing social media to extend your channel’s reach will significantly improve your content’s engagement and lead to more subscribers for your channel. It will signal to potential and existing viewers that you are committed to your channel and that more content is coming soon. The reasons why social media marketing is ultimately beneficial for your YouTube content to include:

  • Growth of viewers and subscribers for your channel
  • Omnichannel engagement of your followers and subscribers
  • Increased sharing potential and word of mouth about your content
  • Improved influencer and collaboration prospects due to better reach
  • Access to more video analytics data compared to tracking only YouTube
  • Better channel personalization and community engagement opportunities

Promoting your YouTube Channel via Social Media

1. Catchy & Informative Titles Always Engage Viewers

The best way to start your social media YouTube marketing efforts is to reinvent your video titles. There are very specific hooks that work well for YouTube users, and you can use them to your advantage on social media. Adding numbers to your video’s title or words such as “how to”, “top X” and similar will boost your odds of engagement. Paired with informative YouTube descriptions, people will be more inclined to keep an eye out for your content.

Social media users love practical, to-the-point videos which they can quickly go through even on a mobile phone, so don’t be vague in your naming. You can also use a dedicated platform to grow your views and learn about how others title their videos to apply the same principles yourself. Avoid all-caps titles, special characters, and clickbait – play the long game and aim to build trust and professional expectations with your audience.

2. Work on Improving your Thumbnails

Even though YouTube does its best to create thumbnails based on the visual content found in your videos, you can do better than that. By using Canva or Gimp, you can create much better thumbnails for your videos and upload them manually for better channel branding and professional image. The contents of your thumbnails depend on the target audience you want to attract to your videos.

Younger viewers reach well to eye-catching colors and visuals, while older viewers prefer reserved, informative thumbnails. Likewise, your thumbnails should always be representative of the video’s content to avoid being labeled as the aforementioned clickbait. Social media users who come across your thumbnails while scrolling their news feeds will be far more likely to click on your videos this way.


3. Communicate with Both Social Media and YouTube Commenters

The most important benefit of promoting your YouTube content on social media is that you will effectively have access to a much wider viewer community. Social media users love engaging with content via comments, likes, and shares, so you should do your best to engage them as well. Respond to as many comments as you can, thank people for their support, and make it a habit to answer any direct messages you receive.

You can combine your writing skills with the RushEssay writing service to create even more high-quality written content for social media marketing purposes. This will add to your followers’ experience and ensure that they stick around for more high-quality content. You can extend your interactivity to live streams and Q&A sessions on different platforms to further engage your followers. Any form of interaction, both on YouTube and different social media platforms, is a net positive for you as a content creator.

4. Interconnect your YouTube Channel with Social Media Pages via Links

You should interconnect your social media pages as much as possible with links, icons, calls to action, and pinned comments. Once you have established a presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, those links should find their way into your YouTube channel throughout. You can create even better high-quality calls to action to enhance your YouTube channel’s viewing experience with a content writing site at your disposal. Using a professional service to expand your writing skills will result in far more appealing and captivating writing throughout your YouTube and social media channels.

Place these in your video descriptions, about section, as well as the channel introduction video if you have it. Similarly, place your YouTube channel links on different social media to allow people to quickly jump back and forth. This will create a feeling of an interconnected experience for anyone checking out your content, signaling that you are a professional with content creation standards.

5. Collaborate with Like-minded YouTube & Social Media Influencers

Networking with YouTube creators and social media influencers can dramatically improve your channel’s performance seemingly overnight. Look for micro and macro influencers on social media and reach out to them with collaboration offers that would benefit both your brands. Similarly, message YouTube creators whose content and video style you admire and ask whether collaboration is possible soon.

In both cases, make sure to justify your reasons for reaching out very objectively and explain how you see the collaboration between you two. Not every channel or influencer will be one to work with someone else, but some will, and you should embrace the opportunity to do that. Both parties involved in the collaboration effort will enjoy each other’s follower bases, and your reach will be worth the teamwork you put into it.

6. Tease & Subsequently Publish Each Video on Social Media

The multimedia nature of social media allows YouTube content creators to promote their channels in several ways, not just by sharing videos directly. You can run content marketing campaigns for your channel on social media or tease upcoming projects with screenshots or video editing pictures.

Building up your audience to the inevitable publishing of your YouTube content can prove very useful in hyping them up to engage your videos quickly. Promoting content in this way will require you to juggle multiple things at once, such as editing the videos, creating posts on social media, etc. However, if YouTube is more than just a hobby for you, this shouldn’t be an issue. People love playful content creators who like to treat them as equals – get creative with how you promote your YouTube channel on social media.

Building YouTube Brand Image through Social Media

Promoting your YouTube channel is a massive undertaking, and you should use every tool at your disposal to do so, social media channels included. You can employ YouTube marketing assistance as well to get started on the right note. Test the waters by trying out different approaches to marketing to see what your target audience responds to well. The benefit of digital marketing is that nothing is set in stone – you can change your approach to marketing overnight if things don’t work out.

Bio: Dorian Martin is a professional writer, editor, and proofreader whose writing skills extend to article, case study, and academic level writing. His body of work consists of high-quality content meant for digital publishing and academic writing which can be seen in RushEssay writing site review. Dorian is also a native English blogger and a passionate fan of digital marketing, business development, and everything in between.


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Dorian Martin is a professional writer, editor, and proofreader whose writing skills extend to article, case study, and academic level writing. His body of work consists of high-quality content meant for digital publishing and academic writing which can be seen in Best Essay writing site review. Dorian is also a native English blogger and a passionate fan of digital marketing, business development, and everything in between.

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You can’t go far without content optimization nowadays. It’s all about keywords, research, proper incorporation, and visitor engagement.

Every YouTuber is dreaming about making their video a trend because of many reasons. The list includes popularity, opportunities, and monetization, of course. But how to optimize videos for YouTube search? What should you write in the caption to make sure people find your piece and watch it?

We know what to do. Years of experience allow you to get used to new trends quickly, so we got you covered with this selection of tips and hacks to optimize YouTube videos and get the most views!

First, we’ll discuss the SEO part. Then, prepare for audience engagement tips.

Include Proper Keywords in the Title of the Video

A proper keyword is the king of the content success land.

Choosing such for every video will logically bring more viewers. Usually, people ask similar questions when looking for videos on a topic. Including the formula in the title of your video will show it, hopefully, on the first results page.

Where to look for proper keywords for a YouTube video?

The answer is easy: Google. Think of a name for your video that starts with “how to” “what is”, and similar phrases. Google will suggest the rest; you only have to choose the closest keyword.

You can either:

  • Include a short-tail KW in your custom title;
  • Use a whole question (a long-tail KW) as the title.

To make sure the most suitable words are also frequently searched or need answers, use Google tools or instruments from other sources like Ubersuggest.

A couple of tips:

  • Don’t make the title look spammy;
  • Embed the keyword in the most natural way;
  • Keep the heading concise and interesting.

Work on the Name of the Video File, Too

Some specialists say that YouTube may pay attention to the video file name as well. The platform can’t actually watch your video to categorize it, so such keyword use may help with indexing and even rating.

Write the main keyword you want the file to associate with as the name, separating words with hyphens.

Get Deeper into SEO

The best approach is to invest time and effort into finding the best SEO keywords to get traffic.

Finding keywords and using them is one thing, but learning about the basics of SEO and its trends is essential. While learning, each new video of yours will get more likes, comments, and views.

You should also read more about creating engaging content. There are plenty of easy recommendations that will result in a piece that is both interesting and well-optimized for search engines.

Fortunately, the volume of educational materials from the best SEO and content specialists is enormous online. Just make sure you choose the right source.

Adjust Your Descriptions with Keywords and a Proper Structure

Another thing to do to optimize your YouTube videos to get more traffic is to adjust your description. Some people like to write all the hashtags in the world there in one line. However, many people pay attention to what’s under the video as much as to what’s in it.

Create an attractive video thumbnail. A high-quality splash screen can increase your CTR several times. Pay special attention to it. Enhance pictures using a design service or you can order this service from a professional designer and compare the results.

Check your captions according to the following recommendations:

  • A concise and clear description of the contents of the video;
  • A topical keyword used properly and naturally in the text;
  • The caption is scannable, which means there are separate paragraphs with only a couple of sentences in one, subtopics, and lists. The viewer should be able to “scan” the description with their eyes;
  • This shouldn’t be a whole essay. Use the 1,000 characters available wisely.

If you miss out on any of these, it’s time to optimize every caption you have.

Choose Proper Categories and Tags

Categories are available in the Advanced Settings section. Choosing the relevant ones will help your videos get on automatically created playlists. This will improve the viewability of your content a lot.

While this seems very easy, invest a lot of effort in the choice. Answer questions like:

  • What the top videos in the category are? Is my content any similar to that by topic or approach?
  • Do my videos answer questions people most likely ask when browsing through the category?
  • What’s the overall profile of the videos in the category? Do I fit there?

Surprisingly, you may want to change the initial category list after answering these questions honestly.

As to the tags, it’s easier. Use the focus keywords as tags. Correct tags will show the essence of the video not only to the viewers but YouTube as well.

Make Use of End Screens and Cards

End screens work similarly to cards but at the end of the video. It’s more focused on the visuals, like an image representing your product and a link.

Adding such screens may seem difficult. But there are so many materials online that will guide you through the process step by step. Official sources like Google and YouTube also provide necessary information for all creators.

Such small additions will enhance the user experience. Viewers won’t only watch useful videos but get options on what to do after that. You’ll get many more conversions by implementing such strategies. Many people are actually ready to buy a high-quality product or service. But if you don’t give them options, a large part won’t bother to search your brand or persona.

As to the cards, we’ve all seen them when watching YouTube videos:

  • An “i” in the corner of the viewing screen with information about your brand, the topic, or an invitation to buy something;
  • A non-invasive bar with the same information, etc.

YouTube offers up to 5 cards in one piece, and you can place anything there:

  • Ask people to subscribe;
  • Ask to check out your product;
  • Recommend buying a book, your service, etc.;
  • Link to a third-party source with more information;
  • Recommendation to donate, etc.

Optimize Subtitles and Closed Captions

Remember keywords? Well, using them in subtitles and closed captures will increase your chances of getting to the top of the results page. Creating and adding them isn’t a problem compared to the benefits you will get.

If this sounds like a lot of time and effort, professionals will help you write and time subtitles. You can find a lot of options and tools in the “Video Manager” or “Videos” section of your YouTube Creator account. Choose the “Subtitles/CC” option and adjust the way you want the subs or captions shown.

Engage with Your Audience

The easiest way to get something is to ask, right?

Most YouTubers don’t shy away from the fact that they get a lot of benefits from the viewers. It’s an equal exchange: they provide valuable material, you like, comment, and subscribe if the topic resonates.

Along with all the previous SEO tactics, you should also engage with the people you want to get those benefits from. Ask them to do all those actions and explain why. Say how meaningful every like is for you and highlight the fact that it only takes seconds to provide enormous help.

Make sure the speech isn’t too long and boring, though. People tend to skip such “spoken essays”.

Of course, when asking to comment, think about a way to reply to everyone before you start getting thousands of comments a day.

Create a complex of actions before making the video public and implement it every time. Soon, it will become a habit, and the results will come along promptly! Follow the trends of SEO and YouTube guidelines to get the most out of your tactics!

Marie Barnes is a journalist, freelance writer, and editor at Studyscroll. She has worked for many major publications, but she also ambitiously pursues challenging freelance projects. Her love for traveling motivates her to explore the world. Marie wants to inspire people to follow their dreams by sharing her experiences online.

They’ve become commonplace. When you conduct a generic search based upon keywords, search engines will always present some YouTube videos. Here’s a simple example on “How to Write a good essay.”



It’s obvious that YouTube videos have become a large part of search responses.

But getting those videos on the front pages of these searches involves a great deal more than that picture you see, and they are not randomly selected. They are based upon the quality and popularity of the videos themselves, as determined by search engine algorithms, and the other “algorithms” that are a part of YouTube native searches on the site itself – those descriptions you write specifically for those native searches.

And just as generic searches on the big engines, you should fashion your YouTube description in much the same way – use of a few critical and most popular search keywords and honesty about the contents of the video. How these descriptions are actually composed, however, will determine whether a viewer actually clicks through.

How to Write Compelling YouTube Descriptions

 Your goal is to get viewers of your description to take a “bite of your apple” by clicking through to your video. This means the description must be clear, engaging, and creative.  Here are 10 tips to do just that.


1.     The Description Must Match the Title of the Video Itself  

Most video titles are about 75 characters, and they include the most important search terms/keywords. Your description should include these as well. These terms should be compelling enough to capture attention.    

2.   Think Like a Journalist

Look at the headlines of the news stories that compel you to read further. They grab your attention, pique your interest, and motivate you to read on. It is the same with the first part of your description. The first 100 words or so should be stunning and creative. Check this out to see how essay-type introductions and other articles introduce their topics in ways that engage readers from the very beginning.

3.   Explainer and “How-To” Video Teasers Must Be Included in the Descriptions When Appropriate.

Consumers search YouTube when they need important information about types of products to use and how to complete DIY projects. If you market products that lend themselves to either or both, the early part of your description must focus on this. While your product or service may not be as well-known as something like WD-40, you should take a look at its YouTube presence – literally over 100 videos that in some ways explain uses or “how to.” Smaller companies have learned to do the same thing and emulate the types of descriptions used by WD-40.

4.   Use Simple, Clear Language

No one wants to struggle to read sophisticated vocabulary or complicated sentences. Your descriptions must honestly and clearly state exactly what a viewer will be seeing but do so succinctly and with a reading level at about the 7th grade level. Sentences should be short and simple.

5.   Mobile Compatibility is a Must

The use of mobile devices has far surpassed desktop PC’s. When you compose your description (and your video too of course), be certain that you test its compatibility with all mobile devices. If it doesn’t load well, and quickly you will lose viewers, no matter how clever and compelling your description may be.

6.   Never Ignore Social

You want our video marketed everywhere possible. At the end of each of your descriptions, be certain that you make it easy for viewers to comment, share, and recommend it on all of your social platforms. Provide them with easy links to do so.

7.   Never Stop Researching Search Terms and Keywords

Popular search terms and keywords do change over time. If you are writing descriptions and YouTube video titles that you want to change, you can do this at any time. There are many tools to use to discover the most current and popular search terms in your business niche, and you should check them regularly. Having the most current terms is critical when YouTube searches are conducted.

8.   Know Your Audience

If you either write descriptions or create scripts for videos, you already know that you are using language, style, and tone that is a “match” for your target audience.

Consider this explainer video released when Dollar Shave Club launched its business in 2012. The initial target audience was millennial men, a group that had a special sense of humor and loved a somewhat irreverent style. Obviously, the video was a success – it went viral within hours.


As you write your descriptions, think about your audience. You would not use the same tone and style selling funeral plans as you would Red Bull.

9.   Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a few terms that will appear directly above your video. Choose them carefully, thinking about the main points your video is making and use only a few. If you sell adult nutritional products, for example, your hashtags might include such terms as “adult protein boost,” or “complete adult nutrition.”

10.   Add CTA’s and Links

You may have some blog posts that provide lots more than just your video, and can act as further promotion of the value of your product or service. Adding a CTA and a link to that piece could result in more conversions – another stone not left unturned.

These 10…

Here are 10 quickly actionable tips that can make your YouTube video descriptions engaging, compelling, and result in many more click-throughs. Find the resources you need that will create those stunning descriptions, keep abreast of those of your competitors, and revise them as often as you want.


Author Bio: Kristen Savage has been a prolific writer and editor, contributing to online copywriting services and numerous blogs focusing on creative marketing strategies. She is an avid supporter and volunteer for animal rescue organizations and can be found at the gym at least five days a week.

YouTube has emerged as the most popular video sharing website allowing businesses, digital marketers and professionals to exhibit their videos on the platform. Posting explainer videos on YouTube can bestow a brand identity to your business within a short span of time while giving the viewers a better understanding of the product line. Apart from giving the ideal exposure to the video marketing for your brand, YouTube is also a great place to post videos and earn money online.

The explainer video about your product, brand or business plays a crucial role in educating the target audience in a interesting way. Ideally, a video of 3 minutes duration can give the viewers much better understanding about the product than a long text that is often boring for many to read. If you are good at creating engaging videos at periodical intervals, consider placing them on your YouTube channel to make money online.

The foremost problem that the clients often encounter on the platform is the difficulty to get visitors to see their videos. There is already tremendous competition from niche videos on the website. This is not a problem if you have a plan to promote the videos. To help you to get free views on YouTube, we have provide the most effective strategies used by experienced digital marketers to drive views, subscribers and likes to their videos. You do not have to be a marketing expert to do this, just follow these tips to see the difference.

1. Use the Facebook Native Video Uploader

One of the traditional ways most people assort to promote videos on social media is to share the link on Facebook and similar other sites. In a recent research, it is revealed that the shared links get fewer views than any video uploaded on Facebook.

Use the Facebook’s Native Video Uploader tool to upload the YouTube videos. For successful audience engagement to your YouTube channel, add a call to action with the video on Facebook inviting them to subscribe to your videos on YouTube. Do not forget to add the link to your YouTube channel with the shared post and the call to action.

2. Maintain a Regular Schedule for Uploading Videos

The niche audiences take interest in channels where they find new videos periodically. If you do not post new videos on the channel, the traffic rate and views will fall in due course. Try to maintain regularity when uploading new videos. Choose a certain day of the week and keep the schedule same for every week. The subscribers are notified automatically when you post new videos on the channel. If the audiences receive the notification at proper instances, you will get views regularly at the channel.

3. Embed the YouTube Video URLs on Your Blog or Website

This is one of the best ways to get free YouTube views. If you have a high traffic blog or website, embedding the videos on the blog can help in increasing the views significantly.

When doing so, place the YouTube videos URL amid relevant text contents with some images to make the entire combination look like a high quality blog post.

If you want to embed videos on a blog or website, make sure that the niche of your blog and the videos are the same. This will attract niche audiences not only subscribe to the YouTube channel but also engage them to achieve improved results with the blog traffic.

Do share the blog post and the videos across all social media platforms to get greater exposure.

4. Add a Proper Title to Every Single Video on Your YouTube Channel

The title is the first and prime factor your audiences will take note of before watching the video. The title should be very precise and give clear idea of the content to expect in the video. For best results with the SEO, it is mandatory to keep the title within 50 characters. Long titles are cut off from the view of the audiences lowering the chances of getting views. For greater impact, try to include the main keyword in the title.

5. Write a Small Catchy Description for Every Video

The small description at the bottom of the video can convey valuable information to the viewers about the video content. Worthy short descriptions can help to get YouTube views for free in greater numbers. While writing your description, take note of the following factors:

• Write the description in easy words keeping it short and to the point

• The description must match exactly the contents in the video

• Use relevant keywords to make sure the target audience can find it easily

• Add a description for every single video and make sure to write separate one for each

Using the keywords in the description is very important to tell the audience about the topic in the video. You need to dedicate some time into the research process to find the best suitable keywords to rank up high in the SERPs (search engine result pages). Use the top keyword research tools like the Adwords Keyword Planner or Google Trends.

You can add links to your website or blog in the description. Putting a link to the playlist will also help the audience to navigate to other videos on your channel. If they find the videos interesting, there are greater chances of building a strong subscribers’ list.

6. Use Long Tail Keywords to Bestow Better Experience with the Search Results

Not all audiences looking for similar content on YouTube or search engines enter the same keyword. You must try many alternatives to build up a larger audience base. Use semantic keywords and long tail keywords to optimize your video content.

Try to find the long keyword phrases you think the audiences may possibly use to find similar contents. Ubersuggest is a wonderful keyword tool to find long-tail keywords. You can use the most powerful in the list to place in the title or the video description.

This is the best among many tried and tested video marketing strategies. This will take some time especially if you are not well acquainted with digital marketing techniques.


 7. Take Care to Maintain Short Video Duration

Buffer Social recently published an analytical report based on their research on video length that grabs the audiences’ attention. Based on the studies it has been found that the ideal length of a YouTube explainer video should be 2 minutes 54 seconds. On an average, your video should not be more than 3 minutes and less than 2 minutes to get the desired outcome.


8. Be Very Specific with Your Keywords

If you want to succeed in promoting the videos on YouTube, the ultimate aim should be to achieve better results with organic or unpaid searches. In other words, you need to get free YouTube views as much as possible. Search engine optimization is your ultimate goal to provide better experience to the viewers hitting the play button to watch the video.

You can also use the autocomplete feature on YouTube to find the best suitable keyword alternatives to use to promote the channel. This is very easy to do. Start typing your video topic on the YouTube search bar. You will see similar other terms appearing as suggestions on the screen. If any of the options match your video content, consider the phrases and work on them for search engine optimization.

Once you have chosen a set of keywords, perform a Google search to see the competitors’ videos in the list. The presence of similar videos in the list shows that there is a great audience base looking for these videos.


9. Arrange Your Videos in Playlists on Customized Thumbnails

If you are posting a series of educational videos, you need to create different playlists for a particular group of videos. Use proper keywords for the playlists to attract more visitors. You can create customized video thumbnails where the series of similar videos will appear. The audiences will easily find the section of videos they want to see on the channel.

Use relevant captivating snapshots and annotations on the thumbnails to raise the interest in the visitors at the channel.


10. Add a Dynamic Intro in the Video

It is important for the audience to understand what they are going to see in the video. Many people miss the description written below. Your video must start with an intro. The intro should explain the topic properly.

The duration of the intro plays a crucial role in retaining the audiences. Your intro should not be longer than 10 seconds. Ideally, the video marketers try to keep a 5 seconds short intro. If your intro is too long, the audiences may leave and click on any other similar one in the list.


11. Add a Call to Action at the End of the Video

The ultimate way to get free views on YouTube regularly is to have a large subscribers’ list. You can add a call to action immediately at the end of the video content asking the viewers subscribe to your channel. If they really like the video, there are greater chances to get a positive result.

Some people place the call to action in the intro. This may make the intro duration longer. Unless the visitor watches the entire content, he is unsure whether it is good to subscribe to the entire list. Try experimenting with the placement to see the difference. You can edit the videos accordingly later.


12. Add a Catchy Trailer on the Homepage of Your YouTube Channel

Many viewers visit the channel homepage to get more information apart from the watched video before subscribing. Add an informative and engaging trailer on the homepage. This trailer appears on the top of the channel page. This is an interesting YouTube feature. The trailer plays automatically only for the non-subscribers visiting the channel for the first time. The regular subscribers will not be bored with such repetitive content.


13. Use the ‘Subscribe’ Button in Solid Color at Appropriate Places

There is a red Subscribe button at the bottom of all videos on YouTube. You can get greater results by adding a similar button on your blog or website. Add unique call to action with the button to prompt the website audience to subscribe to the channel. The position of the Subscribe button should be adjacent to the embedded video on the blog or website.


14. Add a Button and Call to Action for Inviting the Visitors to Like the Video

While a large subscribers’ list ensures you will get regular views on the YouTube channel, the greater number of likes on the video is another useful element to grow the audience. When a viewer sees a considerable number of likes on a video, he or she is sure of the quality of the content. If your videos get more likes, it is favorable for growing an ever-increasing audience base.

There is a ‘Like’ button below all videos on YouTube. You can add a similar solid color button on your blog and website placed next to the embedded YouTube video. This is not only a great factor to get free YouTube views, drive audiences to the channel but also grow the blog traffic. The videos with greater number of likes get the chance to range higher on the YouTube and Google platforms. Higher your video position, the greater is the number of views you can expect.


15. Incorporate the YouTube Widget on Your Blog and Website

This is very easy and catches the attention of the audiences on the blog or website. The widget looks like a small but notable tool displaying all your videos. You can add the YouTube widget to a blog by pasting the provided code.


16. Give Replies to the Comments

The audiences leave comments below your videos sharing their experience, opinion and sometimes queries. At times, you may get negative comments too. Reply to all the comments politely. If there is a query, try to give the best possible answer or solution. Your nice gesture is pleasing to the audiences. Sometimes, people view these comments first before seeing the video. If they find you responsive to the comments, they may take greater interest in subscribing to the channel.

The comments are like feedback allowing you to improve the videos in future. It will help you with the work for the upcoming projects, video marketing strategies etc.


17. Build a Community Relation with Other YouTube Channels

Co-branding is an advanced online marketing strategy and implies to promote your YouTube channel too. You can work with other YouTube channel admins to promote each other’s videos. You need to get along this job through proper marketing channels. The video marketer handling a lot of projects apply such simple techniques to grow target audience base.


18. Use the GrowViews Tool

If you are looking for co-branding without spending much time in contacting other YouTubers, building relationships and others, the GrowViews is the best tool to consider to get free views on YouTube.

The tool is designed specifically for directing organic traffic to YouTube. With this tool, you will get more people to watch your videos, subscribers returning regularly to watch your new videos, likes etc. You can get started with a free plan and stay on it for unlimited period getting views in exchange when you view videos from other subscribers.

The GrowViews tool is a time saver option for internet marketers, business owners, YouTube channel admins and all others. You do not have to waste time and energy contacting other YouTubers and convincing them to promote your videos. GrowViews has a massive clientele base with a network of more than 111685 channels.

There is much to explore at GrowViews. The company also offers special cost-effective packages for internet marketing agencies to help them accomplish the video marketing projects effectively. The company has strict anti-spamming policies and does not use auto bots or other unfair means to drive traffic.

For more information on the tool and its functionalities, visit


19. Ask Your Loyal Audience to Share the Videos

Study the analytics report at your YouTube account dashboard to find the most promising audiences on your channel. You may contact them to share the videos with their friends.

You can also place a generic call to action below the video with a ‘Share’ button asking everyone to share the video with his or her friends and others.


20. Use Your Email Subscribers List to Promote the Videos

If you already have a powerful email list of interested subscribers’ base on your blog or website, it is good to utilize the same list to promote your videos too. You can send a small newsletter to the listed email addresses with a personal note encouraging them to watch the embedded video on the blog or website at first. The strategy is beneficial in two ways:

• You will get more views to the blog or website

• There is a greater chance of getting a subscribers’ base on the YouTube channel

This strategy works splendid if you are already running an education or tutorial website. If your videos are also related to the educational material in a series, there is very high chance to get YouTube views for free, build a larger audience base and subscribers on the YouTube channel.

Note: When sending video links the email subscribers, make sure it is of use and interest to the recipient. If the video content does not match your blog content where the person has subscribed, it can result in loss of blog traffic.


21. Consider Video Optimization across Search Engines and All Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, Google and all other standard search engines place the videos in search results for all keywords. Consider optimizing the videos for the keywords for search engines to get free YouTube views.

Upload videos on all social media websites- Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can also consider SlideShare to share your videos too.


22. Synchronize Your Google+ Account with the YouTube Channel

If you have a huge community at Google+ with whom you chat regularly about similar topics, it is beneficial to utilize this list to grow traffic on the YouTube channel. Use the ‘Hangouts On Air’ feature to record and upload the Hangouts automatically to YouTube. You will then be able to promote your channel on Google+, the most densely crowded social media platform next to Facebook. # Bonus Tip: Promote Your YouTube Channel It takes great effort to promote individual videos to get subscribers to the YouTube. Consider promoting your channel as well. You can place the trailer video on the channel across social media platforms to get more visitors. All the above-mentioned strategies also apply when trying to promote your channel.


The Bottom Line- Keep Tracking the Analytics and Experimenting with New Methods

While the first step to grow income on this video sharing site is to get YouTube views for free as much as possible, it is essential to consider some important facts.

• It takes time to grow audience on any YouTube channel

• Researching with the keywords is a time consuming process and you will need to dedicate some effort for at least a couple of months or more to get the desired results

• Building your audience base in a continuous process wherein you can keep experimenting with new ideas to bring in a change

• The ultimate goal to achieve long-term success with your YouTube channel is to optimize your contents for unpaid searches

If you want to outreach the neck tight competition and grow the brand identity for a new or existing business, the video marketing can make all the difference. The market experts opine that this form of promotional strategy strengthens the content marketing project making it convenient for the brand owners to get quick results in terms of conversions.

Not all videos are same nor are the audiences. Therefore, it is impossible to predict a specific formula for sure success. Keep trying out different methods while tracking the changes. This will give you the idea on what works best for the niche videos on your YouTube channel.










Yes, you should be scared. But relax, there are ways to avoid it.

AdSense is a platform that needs to assure all the traffic is legit because advertisers are paying to adSense to have real views and real clicks.

All of us know that AdSense policies are very strict, so, read them carefully, please.

You are the only responsible in your AdSense account, so if you decide to use to grow your channel, you need to understand what you are doing.

Initially, purpose is not to earn more money with your videos. What we want to get using is to make our Youtube channel more visible. Increase our video views count is very important to be up in the list when someone search in Youtube. If you want to use AdSense in your Youtube account and want to increase views on your videos, we recommend to not monetize those videos while you are using The good point here is that you can monetize some videos in your account, and others you can disable monetization.

If you still want to use to generate some money at the same time, there is an alternative; use other ad networks rather than AdSense. We are gonna explain what we decided to use here in

Since went live, we are monetizing our Youtube Channel, but because we know we can be blocked by AdSense, we decided to use This network hasn’t blocked our account (we are using it since June 2015, and we are generating more than 3000 views per day with, all videos monetized). In addition, they provide you some tools to enhance your channel as free copyrights music, networking, referral program, and much more.

Although there are more networks than, we haven’t used them, so we can not tell you our experience on that, so if you are using other than that, post a comment with your review and let’s help each other.


Let’s grow together

Are you starting to use and realize that your analytics looks like the next one? :


It is normal if your first thought is: WTF are doing with my credit? I’ve exchanged a lot of credit to add some views and only a few of them are in youtube analytics!!!

Well, first of all, don’t panic, because these analytics are quite good for you. Let me explain you why and you realize later:

When a user runs the player, a video is played for a number of seconds determined by video owner settings. 30 seconds is the default setting. Maybe, Youtube shows an ad before the video (it is called pre-roll ad). A non-skippable ad in youtube is about 30 seconds average. This is the point you were missing! The ad is shown instead of your video.

If we take a look to the views youtube analytics report, we can compare the real views with estimated monetized playback views, we can see something like that:



We can see that in the last days, the number of monetized plays are higher than the normal views, plus youtube explains the same I’m telling you:

“A monetized playback is when a viewer is shown at least one ad impression when watching the video. A monetized playback is also counted when a viewer abandons the video during the pre-roll ad.

If we sum the both number, the amount is higher or the same than analytics for that day.

So, dear growviewers, activate monetization and take profit of that.

To get every growviews play as a counted view in youtube, our recommendation is that set the minimum seconds at least to 40 or 50, then, even if a non-skippable ad is shown, your video will be played as well.