Are you starting to use and realize that your analytics looks like the next one? :

It is normal if your first thought is: WTF are doing with my credit? I’ve exchanged a lot of credit to add some views and only a few of them are in youtube analytics!!!

Well, first of all, don’t panic, because these analytics are quite good for you. Let me explain you why and you realize later:

When a user runs the player, a video is played for a number of seconds determined by video owner settings. 30 seconds is the default setting. Maybe, Youtube shows an ad before the video (it is called pre-roll ad). A non-skippable ad in youtube is about 30 seconds average. This is the point you were missing! The ad is shown instead of your video.

If we take a look to the views youtube analytics report, we can compare the real views with estimated monetized playback views, we can see something like that:

We can see that in the last days, the number of monetized plays are higher than the normal views, plus youtube explains the same I’m telling you:

“A monetized playback is when a viewer is shown at least one ad impression when watching the video. A monetized playback is also counted when a viewer abandons the video during the pre-roll ad.

If we sum the both number, the amount is higher or the same than analytics for that day.

So, dear growviewers, activate monetization and take profit of that.

To get every growviews play as a counted view in youtube, our recommendation is that set the minimum seconds at least to 40 or 50, then, even if a non-skippable ad is shown, your video will be played as well.