Yes, you should be scaredBut relaxthere are ways to avoid it.

AdSense is a platform that needs to assure all the traffic is legit because advertisers are paying to adSense to have real views and real clicks.

All of us know that AdSense policies are very strict, so, read them carefully, please.

You are the only responsible in your AdSense account, so if you decide to use to grow your channel, you need to understand what you are doing.

Initially, purpose is not to earn more money with your videos. What we want to get using is to make our Youtube channel more visible. Increase our video views count is very important to be up in the list when someone search in Youtube. If you want to use AdSense in your Youtube account and want to increase views on your videos, we recommend to not monetize those videos while you are using The good point here is that you can monetize some videos in your account, and others you can disable monetization.

If you still want to use to generate some money at the same time, there is an alternative; use other ad networks rather than AdSense. We are gonna explain what we decided to use here in

Since went live, we are monetizing our Youtube Channel, but because we know we can be blocked by AdSense, we decided to use Freedom. This network hasn’t blocked our account (we are using it since June 2015, and we are generating more than 3000 views per day with, all videos monetized). In addition, they provide you some tools to enhance your channel as free copyrights music, networking, referral program, and much more.

Although there are more networks than, we haven’t used them, so we can not tell you our experience on that, so if you are using other than that, post a comment with your review and let’s help each other.

Let’s grow together