Whether you’re primarily a YouTube content creator or someone who uses YouTube to promote their blog or business, marketing your channel properly is essential. With millions of YouTube channels available for viewing, standing out by the sheer quality of your content is often impossible. Based on HubSpot, YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of content daily, with the platform’s popularity being overshadowed only by Facebook in 2020.

Speaking of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media to boost your YouTube channel’s reach is a smart tactic, given their user bases. According to Hosting Tribunal, mobile devices make up more than 70% of YouTube views, with YouTube’s algorithm determining 70% of the content we eventually watch. With original content, promoting your channel on social media in 2021 can be a game-changer for your YouTube career – let’s discuss how to do it.


Reasons to Promote your YouTube Channel via Social Media

If you’re putting effort into creating engaging content for your YouTube channel, why go out of your way to also promote it on social media? According to Smart Insights, 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media, with 98.8% of users accessing them via mobile devices. Building viewer loyalty with your videos is about more than just creating YouTube videos and hoping that the algorithm picks them up.

Utilizing social media to extend your channel’s reach will significantly improve your content’s engagement and lead to more subscribers for your channel. It will signal to potential and existing viewers that you are committed to your channel and that more content is coming soon. The reasons why social media marketing is ultimately beneficial for your YouTube content to include:

  • Growth of viewers and subscribers for your channel
  • Omnichannel engagement of your followers and subscribers
  • Increased sharing potential and word of mouth about your content
  • Improved influencer and collaboration prospects due to better reach
  • Access to more video analytics data compared to tracking only YouTube
  • Better channel personalization and community engagement opportunities

Promoting your YouTube Channel via Social Media

1. Catchy & Informative Titles Always Engage Viewers

The best way to start your social media YouTube marketing efforts is to reinvent your video titles. There are very specific hooks that work well for YouTube users, and you can use them to your advantage on social media. Adding numbers to your video’s title or words such as “how to”, “top X” and similar will boost your odds of engagement. Paired with informative YouTube descriptions, people will be more inclined to keep an eye out for your content.

Social media users love practical, to-the-point videos which they can quickly go through even on a mobile phone, so don’t be vague in your naming. You can also use a dedicated platform to grow your views and learn about how others title their videos to apply the same principles yourself. Avoid all-caps titles, special characters, and clickbait – play the long game and aim to build trust and professional expectations with your audience.

2. Work on Improving your Thumbnails

Even though YouTube does its best to create thumbnails based on the visual content found in your videos, you can do better than that. By using Canva or Gimp, you can create much better thumbnails for your videos and upload them manually for better channel branding and professional image. The contents of your thumbnails depend on the target audience you want to attract to your videos.

Younger viewers reach well to eye-catching colors and visuals, while older viewers prefer reserved, informative thumbnails. Likewise, your thumbnails should always be representative of the video’s content to avoid being labeled as the aforementioned clickbait. Social media users who come across your thumbnails while scrolling their news feeds will be far more likely to click on your videos this way.


3. Communicate with Both Social Media and YouTube Commenters

The most important benefit of promoting your YouTube content on social media is that you will effectively have access to a much wider viewer community. Social media users love engaging with content via comments, likes, and shares, so you should do your best to engage them as well. Respond to as many comments as you can, thank people for their support, and make it a habit to answer any direct messages you receive.

You can combine your writing skills with the RushEssay writing service to create even more high-quality written content for social media marketing purposes. This will add to your followers’ experience and ensure that they stick around for more high-quality content. You can extend your interactivity to live streams and Q&A sessions on different platforms to further engage your followers. Any form of interaction, both on YouTube and different social media platforms, is a net positive for you as a content creator.

4. Interconnect your YouTube Channel with Social Media Pages via Links

You should interconnect your social media pages as much as possible with links, icons, calls to action, and pinned comments. Once you have established a presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, those links should find their way into your YouTube channel throughout. You can create even better high-quality calls to action to enhance your YouTube channel’s viewing experience with a content writing site at your disposal. Using a professional service to expand your writing skills will result in far more appealing and captivating writing throughout your YouTube and social media channels.

Place these in your video descriptions, about section, as well as the channel introduction video if you have it. Similarly, place your YouTube channel links on different social media to allow people to quickly jump back and forth. This will create a feeling of an interconnected experience for anyone checking out your content, signaling that you are a professional with content creation standards.

5. Collaborate with Like-minded YouTube & Social Media Influencers

Networking with YouTube creators and social media influencers can dramatically improve your channel’s performance seemingly overnight. Look for micro and macro influencers on social media and reach out to them with collaboration offers that would benefit both your brands. Similarly, message YouTube creators whose content and video style you admire and ask whether collaboration is possible soon.

In both cases, make sure to justify your reasons for reaching out very objectively and explain how you see the collaboration between you two. Not every channel or influencer will be one to work with someone else, but some will, and you should embrace the opportunity to do that. Both parties involved in the collaboration effort will enjoy each other’s follower bases, and your reach will be worth the teamwork you put into it.

6. Tease & Subsequently Publish Each Video on Social Media

The multimedia nature of social media allows YouTube content creators to promote their channels in several ways, not just by sharing videos directly. You can run content marketing campaigns for your channel on social media or tease upcoming projects with screenshots or video editing pictures.

Building up your audience to the inevitable publishing of your YouTube content can prove very useful in hyping them up to engage your videos quickly. Promoting content in this way will require you to juggle multiple things at once, such as editing the videos, creating posts on social media, etc. However, if YouTube is more than just a hobby for you, this shouldn’t be an issue. People love playful content creators who like to treat them as equals – get creative with how you promote your YouTube channel on social media.

Building YouTube Brand Image through Social Media

Promoting your YouTube channel is a massive undertaking, and you should use every tool at your disposal to do so, social media channels included. You can employ YouTube marketing assistance as well to get started on the right note. Test the waters by trying out different approaches to marketing to see what your target audience responds to well. The benefit of digital marketing is that nothing is set in stone – you can change your approach to marketing overnight if things don’t work out.

Bio: Dorian Martin is a professional writer, editor, and proofreader whose writing skills extend to article, case study, and academic level writing. His body of work consists of high-quality content meant for digital publishing and academic writing which can be seen in RushEssay writing site review. Dorian is also a native English blogger and a passionate fan of digital marketing, business development, and everything in between.


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/niUkImZcSP8


Dorian Martin is a professional writer, editor, and proofreader whose writing skills extend to article, case study, and academic level writing. His body of work consists of high-quality content meant for digital publishing and academic writing which can be seen in Best Essay writing site review. Dorian is also a native English blogger and a passionate fan of digital marketing, business development, and everything in between.

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